customer relationshipsYour choice of technology and the communication solutions you use has a direct impact on the productivity of your business. If it’s not something you’ve really given much thought, read on…

Small and growing businesses have many advantages – they’re closer to their customers and understand their needs better. Often they can respond faster to customer demand, as they can react to market feedback and quickly adjust their approach. So maximize those advantages. Make sure you’re using great technology to keep you and your team fast, agile and competitive.

Communicate better with customers

Using separate email, messaging and voice solutions can cause inefficiency and disruption to work, so it’s important to choose a vendor that is focused on integrating the features and capabilities you use every day. With the right solutions in place you’ll spend less time managing your inbox and dealing with costly phone bills, and more time communicating efficiently and working more productively.

Key productivity boosting features to look for:

  • Integrated chatresponding in real-time makes it easier to check the availability of your contacts
  • Unified inbox – using solutions that integrate with smart mail apps such as Spark the popular iOS smart mail app from Readdle, helps alleviate problems with email overload by automatically categorizing your incoming mail
  • Desktop apps – streamline your communication by accessing email, chat, calendars, tasks, notes and phone contacts from your computer. Initiate face-to-face video calls, listen and manage voicemail messages, forward calls and more with desktop apps
  • Improved call qualitysolutions that utilize the highly flexible Opus audio codec can adapt to the bandwidth available, enabling both office and remote workers to enjoy high quality conversations
  • Centralized web management – managing your deployments from one location, anytime with an integrated interface can save valuable time

What are you waiting for?

We’re always looking for ways to boost productivity and help smaller businesses communicate quickly and effectively to build great customer relationships. Help your team communicate faster, stay close to your customers and keep that competitive edge with award-winning email, messaging, voice and video solutions.

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