July 22nd 2009 – Steve Ballmer signed off the RTM builds for both Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 at the annual sales kick-off event in Atlanta. This is big news for us all at GFI.

Video of signing: Windows 7 Sneak-Peak from MGX

Congratulations to the engineering teams of both products! I am personally very much looking forward to using the latest code, as I was well impressed with the quality of the RC. The next question would be of course : When will I get it? The Microsoft Windows Team blog answered just that in their recent post titled “When will you get Windows 7 RTM?”

In summary:

ISV (Independent software vendor) partners
IHV (Independent hardware vendor) partners
Microsoft ConnectAugust 6th 2009
Microsoft Partner Program – Gold CertifiedMicrosoft Partner Network (MPN)August 16th 2009
Microsoft Action Pack subscribers August 23rd 2009
OEMs 2 days after RTM
Volume License customers with Software AssuranceVolume License Service CenterAugust 7th 2009
Volume License customers without Software AssuranceVolume License Service CenterSeptember 1st 2009
Technet & MSDN subscribers August 6th 2009
BETA TestersNo free updateNo free update
Everyone elseRetail storesOctober 22nd 2009

Read more about the widespread build availability prior to October 22nd 2009.

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