de-stress-cloudIT administration is a stressful job, intensifying every day as new technologies are developed and the cloud is pushed as the next best thing in computing.

Actually, the cloud is not a bad idea at all and if you take control of the strategy, it can make the job of IT administration, while not quite relaxing, a good deal less demanding.

A good chunk of an admin’s time is spent keeping systems running, and those include systems that support a range of IT tools such as those for security, monitoring and management. Moving these tools to the cloud lightens the hardware and software load, and here every little bit counts.

Cloud-based tools not only lighten the hardware and software load, they are easier to manage and support, and they are more flexible and easier to use. No longer do you have to update software when a new version comes out, this happens automatically on the vendor’s side in the cloud. By transitioning to the cloud, an admin can access the tools from almost any device and location. You can manage your systems from your desk, a laptop on the beach, or a tablet at home. The IT infrastructure and administrations tools also work perfectly well with remote machines you may be responsible for, be they in home offices or satellite offices.

The stress relief will be welcomed by IT pros, because although not quite at breaking point, they are feeling the pressure. GFI this year surveyed IT admins in the US and 77 percent find their job stressful and six in 10 employees work at least six hours of overtime each week. The cloud not only reduces the workload, but would allow some of this overtime to be done from home – if there is the need at all.

One constant source of stress for many IT admins is job insecurity. The transition to the cloud may seem to be a threat to admin positions, but the reverse is true. IT admins who master this transition, not only become experts but increase their value and the company becomes even more dependent on them.

You can also help your company move to those cloud apps that are most in demand. According to CompTIA, there are three apps most in demand for the cloud.

“As cloud components are becoming more prevalent in IT architectures, more companies are relying on cloud computing for business processes such as storage (59 percent), business continuity/disaster recovery (48 percent), and security (44 percent),” CompTIA research found.

Rather than fearing the cloud, IT admins should embrace it… so long as they take control of the strategy and its implementation. The cloud can make the difference between ultra-long weeks and relatively stress-free evenings and weekends. Cut the stress, embrace the cloud.

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