Patricia Santangelo, a divorced mother of five who can’t afford to pay her lawyer, is taking on the RIAA alone. 

“It’s a moral issue,” she said. “I can’t sign something that says I agree to stop doing something I never did.”

If the downloading was done on her computer, Santangelo thinks it may have been the work of a young friend of her children. Santangelo, 43, has been described by a federal judge as “an Internet-illiterate parent, who does not know Kazaa from kazoo, and who can barely retrieve her e-mail.”

The drain on her resources to fight the case — she’s divorced, has five children aged 7 to 19 and works as a property manager for a real estate company — forced her this month to drop her lawyer and begin representing herself.

Link here.

Did they ever send her a cease and desist letter before suing her?  Apparently not.  These jackboot tactics against mothers and children are sick.

The leadership of the RIAA is two guys:  A lobbyist and a lawyer.  And they’re not stopping. On the 15th of December, they filed lawsuits against another 751 people.

I respect artists.  I have no respect for bullies.


Alex Eckelberry

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