Email archiving is important for organizations that have to comply with legislation and regulations regarding the archiving of electronic mail for eDiscovery reasons and other legal issues. Therefore deciding which email archiving technology to implement is a significant financial decision for any company.

Email archiving helps to:

  • manage email server resources efficiently
  • allow virtually unlimited mailbox storage
  • meet legal requirements, compliance and business needs

Email archiving software keeps a copy of all the emails that are sent and received within and outside of the organization, making it easy to access and recover any emails even if these have been deleted from the user’s email inbox. This is important for various departments from HR to Finance, as recovered emails can hold a lot of useful information; for example, if a new employee takes over the clients from a former employee they would require the correspondence history.

This white paper by GFI Software discusses the importance of email archiving technologies and focuses on the following points:

  • What archiving is and how it integrates with Microsoft Exchange or a messaging solution
  • What stubbing is and why Microsoft does not recommend the use of stubbing
  • How Journaling in Exchange can allow for efficient email archiving
  • How stubbing compares to Journaling

The White Paper can be found at:

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