The GFI EMEA Distributor Conference 2009 was held on Friday, October 9 at The Palace Hotel in Sliema. There were 38 EMEA Distributors present plus executive management, the EMEA sales team, members from Product Management and members from the Marketing department.

During the conference the following topics were discussed:

  • GFI’s corporate and acquisition strategy, including our plans with regard to on-premise and on-line solutions
  • Our product roadmap and upcoming product launches
  • Our marketing activities and plans
  • The latest channel and sales updates
  • GFI’s technical support efforts
  • GFI MAX and the world of remote monitoring and management (RMM)
  • Katharion

See photos of the days’ events.

There were also awards given to top distributors in various categories:

  1. Best EMEA Distributor ‘Product Manager’ – Eugene Goncharenko
  2. Best EMEA Distributor ‘Technical Manager’ – Bjorn Leenen
  3. Fastest Growing EMEA Distributor – Africa SD
  4. Best EMEA Distributor Marketing Campaign – Sintel Italia
  5. No 3 EMEA Emerging Markets Distributor – Control Line
  6. No 2 EMEA Emerging Markets Distributor – PB Com spol. s r.o.
  7. No 1 EMEA Emerging Markets Distributor – Computerlinks ME
  8. No 3 EMEA Distributor – Portland Europe
  9. No 2 EMEA Distributor – Infinigate AG
  10. No 1 EMEA Distributor – ADN Distribution GmbH

See the award winners below (hover over the image for award details):

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4.  5.  6. 

7.  8.  9. 


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