On Thursday, October 7, 2010, a select gathering of GFI Software EMEA Partners attended a conference in Malta which covered strategic sales, marketing and technical aspects related to the latest GFI solutions.

The audience comprised 60 EMEA distributors, GFI executives, Product Management team members as well as members from the Marketing department and Sales department, totalling over  100 attendees.

Keynote speeches were given by our CEO, Walter Scott, and the executive management team to detail GFI’s corporate strategy and direction, channel updates, and the upcoming product roadmap.

The day ended with a lovely dinner that was held in picturesque walled city of Mdina, Malta’s former capital city.  During this event, the following partners were awarded for their achievements in the past year; after receiving their GFI awards from Simon P. Azzopardi, VP f EMEA Sales, recipients were also ‘knighted’ by the  Grandmaster of the Order of St John, straight out of Maltese history books,  who presided over the ceremony:

Title of awardCompany Name
No 1 EMEA DistributorADN Distribution GmbH
No 2 EMEA DistributorInfinigate AG
No 3 EMEA DistributorPortland Europe
No 1 EMEA Emerging Markets DistributorAfricaSD
No 2 EMEA Emerging Markets DistributorCOMPUTERLINKS UAE
No 3 EMEA Emerging Markets DistributorControl Line
Best EMEA Distributor Marketing CampaignNESTEC Scharf IT-Solutions OG
Fastest Growing EMEA New Business DistributorCOMPUTERLINKS ITALY
Fastest Growing EMEA DistributorControl Line
Best EMEA Distributor Technical ManagerEmilio Gonzáles Antón – ADMTOOLS
Best EMEA Distributor Product ManagerJonathan Rousseau – AfricaSD (awarded posthumously)

Some photos from the conference:

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