Did you know GFI Software was acquired by Aurea in 2015? Aurea, founded in 2012 and based in Austin, Texas, is the technology behind some of the world’s greatest customer and employee experiences, for the largest and most successful brands. Until now, GFI has operated separately to Aurea.

To maximize and leverage the strengths of both organizations, Aurea is bringing GFI Software., Kerio Technologies Inc., Exinda Inc. and their affiliates into the Aurea family of companies as an Aurea SMB Solutions division. GFI Software will now be referred to as GFI Software, Aurea SMB Solutions.

GFI has a long legacy of providing small and medium-sized businesses with the solutions they need to discover, manage, and secure their IT environment efficiently, and that will not stop now!

New leadership

As part of these exciting changes, GFI Software welcomes Dan Beer, who joins the division as Senior Vice President and General Manager. Going forward Dan will be responsible for all operating functions of GFI Software, Aurea SMB Solutions. He has more than 20 years of experience leading software partner channels, corporate acquisitions, products, support, sales, services and more at companies such as IBM, and You.i TV.

Speaking with TechTalk about the corporate branding updates, Dan said: “By bringing GFI and Aurea closer together as Aurea SMB Solutions, we are going to be able to better serve our partners and customers.”

Johannes Kamleitner continues to lead the company’s sales and marketing efforts as SVP and Chief Revenue Officer. To find out more about the leadership team, visit www.gfi.com/company/leadership.

SMB focus with a channel strategy

We value the relationships we have with our partners and end-users. It’s only through this interaction that we gain insight into what the market needs so that we can deliver value to all our customers.

GFI Software, Aurea SMB Solutions will continue to be 100% channel focused and dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses. The division will leverage Aurea’s deep pockets to acquire more solutions for the GFI Unlimited library, giving you access to even more software to power your business for one low-cost.

“The Aurea SMB Solutions division is committed to growing a portfolio of software products that are easy to use, easy to deploy, cost effective and broadly distributable by our thousands of channel partners,” said Dan Beer, Senior Vice President and General Manager. “We are focused on delivering immediate business value to SMB companies worldwide.”

What’s next

The future is bright! We have updated our branding and are focused on growing our game-changing GFI Unlimited subscription so that both partners and their customers can enhance their business. 

We understand that a company cannot function with one kind of software alone. You no longer buy every movie you watch or song you listen to, so why should you do the same with your software? Contact your local partner today to learn more about GFI Unlimited!

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