Last week was our annual Exinda EMEA partner conference, which I had the pleasure of attending with 12 of our top European, Middle Eastern and African partners – along with a few others from the Exinda Sales, Marketing and Product teams.

The Partner Conference served as a get together to talk about our latest products, messaging and discuss challenges and opportunities that are partners are faced with. It was a great mix of older partners and newer partners – all of whom showed up eager to learn about what was new with Exinda.

The venue this year was the Algarve in Portugal. Normally a sunny vacation destination, our trip was mostly filled with rain and cold. But what we lacked in warm weather, we made up for with great conversation, valuable discussions and a few drinks – the drinks were just to keep us warm, I swear…

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The highlight of the conference was definitely our new messaging and our latest product offering – QX Boost for Skype for Business. The overall feedback and reception from our partners was extremely positive. As we walked through the positioning and demonstrated the QX Boost solution, you could feel the excitement. There were a lot of great questions and very healthy discussion on the new solution and what it meant to our business and theirs.

In addition to our new product offering, I was particularly happy about the work the Marketing team has put in over the last few quarters – which was also well received from our partners. We have a number of new, and older, partners that we’re now working on to put together joint campaigns around Skype for Business and our core offering. A lot of exciting opportunities to kick off with our partners!


All in all, it was a very positive event. Lots of follow ups and meetings with our partners to take advantage of the new positioning and work together.

The biggest question after the event ended was – “When is the next one?” which is always great sign of a successful conference!

Let’s Partner Up!

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