In today’s TechTalk article we’re going to review the latest update to the Exinda Management Center.

Designed as a solution for organizations that have a need to manage network health and application performance across multiple locations, the Exinda Management Center offers IT professionals within your organization the ability to administer various network policies and to manage appliance configurations across the entire organization – all from a single pane of glass. This, of course, is nothing new to our customers. However, while the Exinda Management Center has always been rock-solid as a management tool, starting with our latest update, the Management Center is now also a robust reporting tool as well.

Because we here at GFI recognize the importance of data collection and reporting, we’ve vastly improved the reporting capabilities of the Exinda Management Center. As of now, organizations can pull reports from all appliances that are located within a single tenant. This new reporting functionality allows IT professionals to show reporting data from a single appliance or from multiple appliances – in one aggregated report.

Do you need an aggregated WAN link summary for all devices in your tenant? There’s a report for that.  How about an aggregated report that shows the top ten URLs that users are accessing across your organization? We’ve got you covered there as well. Other aggregated reports that are now available via a single click from the Exinda Management Center’s improved reporting engine include application reports, external host reports, internal host reports, and others. In all, there are about 20 new or improved reports now available to your organization’s IT professionals – and it is easier than ever to run those reports.

Prior to this latest update, Exinda users would need to remotely connect to each individual appliance in order to get reports for that specific device. With the introduction of reports in the Exinda Management Center, our new reporting engine improves your workflow and ensures that you will have to drill down into individual devices far less often to see what’s happening within your organization. This vast improvement to Exinda Management Center is certain to not only make your network team happy, but it will also give you more, and better, insight into all of your devices within your organization.

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