Back in the 1980s, there was a TV series in the United States called Growing Pains, about a typical suburban American family experiencing change and how they coped (or didn’t cope!). In the show, the parents constantly juggled responsibilities and changed hats more than a few times to keep up with the growth and demands of their family.

Small businesses are a bit like a growing family in terms of constantly juggling demands on time and coping with unexpected challenges. Growth is certainly a good thing, but growing too fast without the resources to support it is not a good thing. The National Federation of Independent Business identifies five warning signs that your business is expanding too quickly. The first one cited is that your systems can’t keep up. Product quality and customer service can slip, shipments can lag and invoice processing can fall behind. For business growth to be successful, it needs to be sustainable.

Fortunately, with cloud computing, that’s one less thing to worry about. In fact, moving to the cloud can help you take the pain out of your growth.

As your business expands—whether through increased sales, new products or even acquisitions—you may be adding headcount. New employees need computers, logins, email accounts and access to the software required to do their jobs. IT departments of rapidly growing businesses can be overwhelmed satisfying their needs, resulting in employee frustration, potential security issues and lost productivity. The last thing any business wants is to invest in growth only to see profitability stumble. So, whether you’re adding to the finance, sales or marketing teams, you need to know that getting additional employees up and running can be done quickly, securely and with no loss of productivity.

Grow smartly with the cloud

Cloud computing solutions can make you successful, regardless of when and where your employees work. You’ll be able to easily support telecommuters and those working from a remote office, as well as those bringing their laptops home at night to get the work done.

Adding another office across town or acquiring a business across country will mean more servers and systems to manage in different locations. A cloud-based server and workstation monitoring solution gives you complete visibility into the health and performance of your network, wherever it is.

As you grow, your security needs may become more complex. Again, no worries. With the cloud, you can easily manage and configure antivirus software on all your workstations and servers, confident in the knowledge that your network is protected, all users have the same solution installed and updates and scans are done automatically as you schedule them.

Try the cloud today

GFI CloudTM can help support the growth of your business, offering a simple web-based interface for integrated antivirus, asset tracking and network management. Its automated checks and continuous scanning enable you to save time and focus on more strategic, business-building IT initiatives so your growth won’t slow you down.

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