FaxNewAgain_SQIn 1843, Alexander Bainis invented what we today know as the fax by scanning messages using a clock and synchronized pendulums.

The fax really took off in the 1980s and 1990s when nearly every office or household had a fax machine constantly humming.

Today, faxing does not appear as widespread, but for many industries such as the legal profession, healthcare, manufacturing, real estate, logistics, government, libraries and those doing business internationally where many clients still rely on faxes, this old way of communicating is a must.

In fact, the fax market is growing thanks to mobile clients and IP-based fax services. Davidson Consulting estimates that 100 billion faxes are sent each year, and the fax services market is experiencing 15.9% CAGR. The old fax technology is giving mobile iOS and Android devices a rich new way to communicate.

And these mobile fax clients are ideal for urgent document delivery when you’re nowhere close to finding a fax machine. Getting a paper-based file with signature over to someone who needs it urgently becomes simple. Snap an image of the document, attach it to the fax form, enter the fax number and send. The receiving party gets a fax just like they would from anyone using a traditional fax machine!

Mobile faxing is also far easier than those clunky old fax machines cluttered with dozens of buttons that too often failed to transmit. Mistyping a fax number, standing by the fax machine while it attempts to dial the wrong number, or waiting there for the delivery report all wastes valuable time and resources. With a smartphone or tablet, fax contacts are at your fingertips and just about anything can be faxed. In fact, anything that can be printed should just as easily be faxed.

GFI Software has been in the fax automation games for years with GFI FaxMaker. The good news is GFI FaxMaker Online now works just as well on mobile devices thanks to GFI FaxMaker Online Mobile App which supports Apple iOS and Google’s Android.

While GFI FaxMaker Online Mobile makes it easy to send faxes, it also helps ensure they are properly sent and managed. You can see your faxing history, and check on the status of sent faxes as well as drafts.

Designed as a serious business communications tool, GFI FaxMaker Online lets end users and IT track transmissions using an activity log accessible from any web browser in the GFI FaxMaker Online portal.
Because FaxMaker Online is all in the cloud, you needn’t worry about it interoperating with your email service or server, installed operating systems and you don’t have to worry about maintaining the infrastructure.

For shops with multiple fax numbers and recipients, GFI FaxMaker Online will automatically route the fax to the right person.

And busy companies will appreciate the fact that GFI FaxMaker Online can send and receive multiple faxes at the same time, so you don’t have to watch the fax as it sends, waiting to feed in the next document, or wait for a fax to be fully received before you can send one.

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