In keeping with the zeitgeist, the FTC just issued a big report on P2Ps.
It is a follow-on from their workshop in December.


• Consumers face risks when using commercial P2P file-sharing software programs, including risks related to data security, spyware and adware, viruses, copyright infringement, and unwanted pornography.

• There was little empirical evidence submitted in connection with the workshop, however, addressing whether these risks are greater with P2P file-sharing programs than with other Internet-related activities such as surfing websites, downloading software, and using e-mail or instant messaging.

• The report makes recommendations concerning what industry and government should do to decrease the risks associated with the use of P2P file-sharing programs.

• Industry should engage in technological innovation and development, industry self-regulation (including risk disclosures), and consumer education.

• Government should investigate and bring law enforcement actions when warranted, work with industry to encourage self-regulation, and educate consumers about the risks associated with using P2P file-sharing software.

Alex Eckelberry
(Thanks to BeSpacific

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