July 12, 2012: After months of meetings, long hours of hard work and behind-the-scenes planning, the big day had arrived – and a special welcome was in store for GFI employees around the globe when they got to work.

July 12 marked the launch of a new offering, GFI Cloud, a ground-breaking platform for the delivery of cloud services via a web-based user interface, accessible at anytime from anywhere with an Internet connection.

To celebrate this exciting new release, all of the GFI offices were decked out to convey a cloudscape, complete with bubble machines, fluffy white wigs for everyone to wear, freshly made popcorn, GFI Cloud lollipops, stress clouds and quirky cloud-themed cards. GFI Cloud was welcomed with pride and panache!

Have a look at pictures of our worldwide launch celebrations:

One of our offices decorated with GFI Cloud balloons

One of our teams in the fluffy white wigs

Another GFI team sporting the fluffy white wigs and sunglasses

A team member’s daughter with the GFI Cloud lollipop

The GFI stress clouds

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