As part of GFI’s scheme to aid the community through various means, a blood donation drive was organized in June with around 30 GFI employees from the Malta office volunteering to roll up their sleeves (literally!) and donate blood. The blood donation mobile unit, sporting the slogan ‘give blood it is the gift of life’, was stationed outside the GFI offices with employees volunteering throughout the day. In a bid to attract a larger number of donors apart from employees, GFI also publicized the activity at the local council and police station.

One of the donors, Mark Victor Camilleri said this of his experience as a blood donor: I always wanted to donate blood. It’s a great feeling knowing that your blood might save a life so I’m really glad that I did it. The staff was very friendly and the procedure in itself was very simple and didn’t hurt at all. If the opportunity presents itself again I’ll gladly donate once more.

The staff from the Malta National Blood Transfusion Centre was extremely appreciative of the generosity of the GFI donors and the donors were appreciative of the food supplied by GFI!

Meanwhile the US office helped their local community by clearing out an offsite storage facility. The contents were donated to the Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina which provides quality care to children and families in the North Carolina area. The desks and old PCs will now be used to set up a training facility.

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