After the effective assistance given by a troop of GFI Malta volunteers in the first Rotary Hands-On Day in October 2009, GFI’s Charity Fund Committee in Malta organized another dynamic team of GFI Malta volunteers to help in Rotary’s April 2010 Rotary Hands-On Day at Dar Jeanne Antide, a home for teenage girls.

Seventeen GFI Malta employees, together with eighteen of their friends, offered a helping hand in a major refurbishment of the home.

Along with other volunteers, the team from GFI Malta helped with:

  • Painting two massive corridors
  • Painting the huge room which will be used as a multi-purpose room/gym
  • Painting a number of doors
  • Sanding and scrapping the iron railings by the entrance and painting them
  • Sanding the benches in the back garden, both the wood and the metal, which were then painted
  • Cleaning up the garden at the front
  • De-weeding and planting the courtyard
  • A general clean-up

These tough jobs were alleviated with the lively tunes played by the DJ and the fresh refreshments provided by Rotary Club Malta.

Besides the physical assistance offered by this group, the GFI Charity Fund donated a sum of money for the cause. The donation is being used to cover the cost of the materials on the day.

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