As part of its internal launch of the latest addition to its on-premise family of offerings, GFI Backup 2010 – Business Edition, GFI surprised its employees around the globe with the delivery of little sealed tins, labelled Sweet Memories, full of different retro candy.

With GFI Backup 2010 – Business Edition being a fast, efficient, full-featured network data backup solution which applies comprehensive backup, restore and synchronization functionality to all files, web, Microsoft SQL servers and more, this treat was more than appropriate!

The tin enables employees to store special items – just as GFI Backup secures company data through its centralized network-wide backup functionality; and the candy helped bring back some childhood memories – just as GFI Backup quickly and efficiently restores backed up files!

The idea – and the sweets – were very much appreciated by everyone. Particularly when coupled with the gift of having their minds at rest, knowing that their data is now secured through GFI Backup.

This surprise sure amplified everyone’s motivation to make GFI Backup 2010 – Business Edition a sweet success!

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