GFI EventsManager 2010 and its ReportPack are now released with which IT network and systems administrators will benefit from optimized performance in terms of CPU and memory utilization, improved events management dashboard and increased usability.

GFI EventsManager helps administrators to collect and manage the enormous volume of system events generated daily, to meet legal and compliance obligations and to address IT security risks. GFI EventsManager provides centralized and real-time monitoring of network event logs, the ability to analyze and report event data. This award-winning software supports a wide range of event log types such as W3C, Windows events, Syslog and SNMP traps generated by devices such as firewalls, routers and sensors as well as by custom devices. Providing support for devices from top manufacturers as well as for custom devices, GFI EventsManager monitors event logs generated by an extended range of hardware products, reports on the health and operational status of each one and collects the information you need to know.

“The volume of event logs generated is astounding and it is manually impossible for administrators to collect, analyze and view the data without some form of centralized management and storage capability. With compliance and legal requirements now requiring businesses to have some form of event log management capability, GFI EventsManager is just the right tool. IT network and systems administrators need all the help they can get and in GFI EventsManager 2010 we have not only improved the product’s performance but gave careful consideration to product usability and management of collected event logs,” said Walter Scott, CEO at GFI.

New features in GFI EventsManager 2010 include:

  • Archiving all collected events into files in parallel with events processing. This way all the scanned events can be automatically kept in files, while the database can hold only the important events
  • Simplified dashboard now presents the most important events occurring in the network in real time
  • Username detection for network activity events: For Windows network activity events generated on Vista and newer OSs, GFI EventsManager attempts to show which user ran the application that opened a connection
  • Performance optimizations through more efficient CPU and memory utilization; improved SQL Server Audit performance and improved Events Browsers speed on main nodes
  • Improved usability
  • New reports

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