Have you ever wondered how you could send a fax from your customer billing application?  What about sending a fax from MS Word or a custom application?  Using GFI FAXmaker to send faxes directly from Outlook is already a huge time saver and makes faxing easier to deal with, but if you can do the same from other applications, then it could improve productivity, save you more time, and reduce faxing costs.

With GFI FAXmaker, this is possible in many different ways including SMTP emails, NetPrintQueue2Fax, and GFI FAXmaker APIs.  In a 3 part series, I will go through each of these methods and provide examples of how you can deploy one of these options in your environment.

SMTP Emails

The first method of integrating your application with GFI FAXmaker that I am going to discuss is through SMTP Emails.  What this simply means is your application or device (such as a printer/scanner) must have the ability to send an email to a specific address.  The advantage of this option is that most applications already have a built in option for sending emails.  Also if you have GFI FAXmaker already installed, there would be little to no configuration changes needed to the fax server setup.

NOTE:  This discussion will assume you are using a Microsoft Exchange Mail Server with GFI FAXmaker.

GFI FAXmaker by design accepts emails from SMTP sent to the domain ‘faxmaker.com’ and sends this email out as a fax.

In your third party application, to send a fax, you should:

  • Set it to send an email to ‘faxnumber@faxmaker.com’.  In essence, it’s similar to sending a fax from Outlook to ‘faxnumber@faxmaker.com’.  This works best when you can use contacts in the application that are set up in that format or can modify how the application sends to use fax numbers in email addresses.
  • Set up the SMTP delivery options in one of 2 ways:
  1. If you are also sending regular emails through your application, you should point your settings to your mail server.  This would allow your mail server to deliver mail while still providing GFI FAXmaker with messages sent to the faxmaker.com domain.
  2. If you have GFI FAXmaker installed on a stand alone IIS/SMTP server (separate from your Microsoft Exchange server), and will only be sending faxes from your third party application, then you can point your SMTP settings directly to the fax server.

In each of these examples you may need to setup appropriate mail relay settings to allow these messages to route through your mail/fax server.

In the next part of this series we’ll be looking at how to send faxes directly from a document using NetPrintQueue2Fax in GFI FAXmaker.

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