What a great few days in Austria to present the GFI Journey! This year’s Distributor event welcomed established partners from both GFI Software and Kerio Technologies at the beautiful Rogner Bad Blumau.

The GFI and Kerio Distributor Forum 2017: Together for Growth event was attended by over 80 distribution partners present in 117 countries between June 1 – 3. The event was a great opportunity for GFI to outline the exciting times ahead as the company continues on this journey to grow, remaining always adaptable, motivated and responsive to both the channel and its customers.

The event featured GFI Software’s CEO Scott Brighton, SVP and Chief Revenue Officer Johannes Kamleitner, SVP and Chief Product Officer Andre Muscat, VP of Engineering David Alamango, and SVP of Customer Experience Mowgli Montier in conjunction with many other key executives. Together they updated partners about the strategic direction of the company, sales and marketing initiatives, product strategy, engineering, technical support, and much more. Partners also had the chance to get some one on one time with the leadership team, where they were able to ask questions following the recent company developments.

Distributors were also given the opportunity to speak about their business and spoke about best practices when it comes to selling the specific product portfolio – AFI presented for GFI products while Coretech gave a presentation for Kerio products.

And what’s a Distributor event without an awards ceremony? Well, a  boring one if you ask us! Awards were given out to the 2016 creme de la creme of distributors, celebrating the successes they achieved last year.

Distributor Awards




Zebra Systems  GFI   Best Marketing Efforts of 2016
Siener Informatique Kerio   2016 Highest New Business Growth
Multiwire  Kerio   2016 Highest Growth Rate
Lifeboat Distribution GFI   2016 Highest Revenue Performance – AMERICAS
Ingram Micro Australia Pty Ltd GFI   2016 Highest Revenue Performance- APAC
CoreTech Srl Kerio   Best Marketing Efforts of 2016
brainworks computer technologie    Kerio   2016 Highest Revenue Performance
BIT Kerio   2016 Highest New Gen (SaaS) Revenue
AFI Distribution LLC GFI   Best Partner Event Organizer of 2016
ADN Distribution  GFI   2016 Highest Revenue Performance- EMEA

GFI Software has also hosted a number of webinars addressed by CEO Scott Brighton to continue communicating the messages delivered during the distributor event to both resellers and customers. You can watch these webinars on-demand by clicking here.