GFI LANguard is the first network vulnerability and patch management solution to integrate with more than 1,500 critical security applications

The GFI Infrastructure Business Unit announces the launch of GFI LANguard™ 2011, the latest version of the company’s comprehensive network vulnerability scanning and patch management solution. GFI LANguard 2011 is the first network vulnerability and patch management solution to integrate with more than 1,500 security applications and to include keyword search functionality, illustrating GFI’s commitment to providing small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with innovative products that meet the needs of today’s dynamic IT environments.

GFI LANguard 2011 combines vulnerability scanning, patch management and network and software auditing into one solution that enables IT professionals to scan, detect, assess and correct potential security risks on their networks with minimal administrative effort. GFI LANguard provides administrators the ability to inventory devices attached to their networks; receive change alerts, such as notification when a new application is installed; ensure antivirus applications are current and enabled; and strengthen compliance with industry regulations through automated patch management that defends against potential network vulnerabilities. The solution can manage of up to 5,000 machines from a single console.

Enhanced features of GFI LANguard 2011 include:

  • Complete Network Security Awareness – incorporates a new management dashboard that processes all security scans, provides current network security status and maintains a history of all relevant changes made to the network.
  • Easier Security Management – integrates with more than 1,500 critical security applications, including antivirus, antispyware, firewall, URL filtering, instant messaging, peer- to-peer, disk encryption, VPN, data loss prevention, backup, and device-access control solutions to quickly and easily identify existing security infrastructure, report on the status of each application and remediate any security issues.
  • Quick Text Search – enables administrators to perform keyword searches in scan results to quickly and easily ensure specific actions were performed.
  • Faster Security Scanning – uses local agents to automate and distribute the scanning load across client machines, resulting in faster and more accurate scans. Thousands of machines, even in Wide Area Network (WAN) environments, can be scanned in minutes.
  • Enhanced Reporting – simplifies report management and distribution. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) dedicated reports are also available to help organizations prove compliance.
  • Virtual Infrastructure Recognition – detects virtual machines hosted by scanned computers, giving administrators a complete view of their virtual infrastructure.

“We designed GFI LANguard 2011 to be a virtual security consultant for our customers,” said Cristian Florian, product manager, GFI Software. “We constantly strive to enhance our products with innovative new features that meet the evolving needs of SMBs. Our last version of GFI LANguard was the first network security solution to automate missing patch detection and remediation for the top five Web browsers running on Windows-based systems, and GFI LANguard 2011 is now the first solution of its kind to integrate with 1,500 critical security applications.”

Driving Innovation for SMBs

GFI Software’s Infrastructure Business Unit develops a broad range of solutions that help SMBs strengthen their IT operations and better manage all the devices attached to their network. Infrastructure solutions provided by GFI include: data backup and recovery, log management, network fax server, network monitoring, network vulnerability scanning, patch management, network access control and web monitoring. To learn more, email or visit

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