We’re pleased to announce that all our mail server-based products, namely GFI FAXmaker, GFI MailSecurity, GFI MailEssentials and GFI MailArchiver, support Microsoft Exchange 2010.

The new Exchange Server has been designed to help users achieve new levels of reliability and performance by delivering features that simplify administration, protect communications, and meet user demands for greater business mobility.

“The latest version of Microsoft Exchange aims to give users a more holistic, stable and efficient server offering. I am pleased to announce that GFI’s Exchange Server-based products now support the new version giving Exchange users the ability to improve upon and do more with the new features that are included. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, GFI has always endeavored to make sure that our portfolio of products provides support for Microsoft’s latest operating systems and other Microsoft products, thereby ensuring that our customers can avail themselves of new Microsoft platforms and yet continue to use our products without interruption,” GFI’s CEO Walter Scott said.

“Our engineering teams are continuously looking at integrating or supporting new developments in Microsoft’s products in order to give our customer install the best choice at all times and on the platforms they require,” Mr. Scott added.

For more information on these products please visit http://www.gfi.com/pages/prodinfo.htm.

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