GFI’s partners are key to our success and our aim is to help them drive efficiencies and bring the benefits of IT to the wider market. A key product in GFI’s portfolio is GFI MailArchiver – a highly successful product that gets better with each release. We believe that GFI MailArchiver is a key tool in our Partners’ toolbox.

There is still a lot of opportunity in email archiving – around 45% of SMBs still do not have an email archiving solution. There are tens of millions of Exchange seats out there, and because these organizations do not have email archiving software in place, they are facing key IT challenges every day. The process of archiving electronic information is the essence of what an email archiving solution does. However, email archiving software goes beyond that; the technology helps solve key challenges IT staff face, primarily, lower email management costs and reducing legal risks.

Email archiving helps lower email management costs in a number of ways. By offloading Exchange an email archiving solution reduces the load on Exchange, making it less sluggish and, because there is less email stored, backup and restore times are reduced. PST files spread throughout the organization on desktops and laptops are an IT headache. An email archiving solution allows the organization to get rid of PST-related management and backup overhead, while giving users virtually unlimited mailboxes.

Organizations also face compliance issues and e-discovery regulations: sources of legal risk that archiving software mitigates. With advanced search, legal hold and retention policy support, an email archiving solution is a key component of any compliant organization. Also, with more and more countries passing data protection acts, procedures on the timely production of evidence and other regulations, organizations are compelled to respond.

With the latest GFI MailArchiver 2011 R3 release, GFI has innovated in the archiving space to deliver actionable information to organizations of any size. By not letting digital archives gather ‘dust’, GFI MailArchiver does more than traditional archiving software and directly appeals to business owners and other stake holders in the organization. The MailInsights module in the latest R3 release helps organizations, for example, see who is abusing web-based email, helps them gain visibility into how email storage is being used, and allows them to determine email responsiveness. By leveraging the rich data in email, email archiving is ever more relevant to the organization. We’re no longer simply talking about archiving but also gathering business and behavioral intelligence.

Resellers have good reason to be excited; large numbers of SMBs still rely on PST files, legal regulations that mandate archiving software are on the increase, and innovation in the marketplace makes archiving even more appealing and salient to SMBs – A perfect opportunity to target new business and have the edge on the competition.

Have a look at what GFI MailArchiver can do to improve your email archiving system, or just download a free trial and give it a spin!

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