According to IDC, tablet sales are going to supersede laptop sales in 2013 and “the entire PC market by 2015”.


This means that apps can no longer be designed in the traditional way with a title bar, menu bar and desktop approach. Apps have to be tailored for touch and be able to run from tablets. Windows 8 has brought about a new way of looking at apps. The new modern interface’s tiles and buttons are literally asking the user to touch and press them.

The new interface has not been to everyone’s liking and many have complained and expressed their frustration, but it’s a whole new set of ideas and users need to adjust to them to fully understand their potential. But once you get used to tablets you understand why it’s more natural to press a button with your finger than to move the mouse and click on it.

At GFI we always strive to keep up to date with new technologies and today we are releasing our first Windows 8 Modern UI app. This app for GFI MailArchiver makes it possible to connect to your email archive from your Windows 8 tablet/PC or your Windows RT tablet.  This adds to the different apps and methods that you can use to connect to GFI MailArchiver to browse and search the archive.

The app makes it very easy to search and browse the archive. We have also made it simple to search for the people you communicate with the most, or to save your own custom searches. Why not check it out?

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