Two things that make me happy are cake, and being able to have one’s cake and eat it.  And when the latter means being able to come up with best case scenario solutions for my customers, it makes me even happier.

You see, I have been pondering the whole Cloud VS On-premise conundrum.  Does one approach exclude the other?  Cloud is certainly today’s big thing, but does it mean there is no place for your trusty on-premise solutions anymore?  Specifically, what does it mean for potential and existing customers of GFI MailArchiver?

Many companies are moving their email and other business services to the Cloud.  The demise of Windows SBS, meaning companies are moving to cloud-based Office 365, and the growth in popularity of Google apps for business make this a natural step for small businesses.  And why not?  The potential benefits and flexibility of cloud-based business solutions are undeniable.

But what does that mean for a company’s archiving solution?  Does that need to ‘go Cloud’ too?  Not necessarily.  In fact, maintaining an on-premise archiving solution could be a smart move.  You get to enjoy the benefits and flexibility of a cloud-based email service, and yet still remain in control of what is unquestionably your most important source of company information – your complete communications history.  Remember, we are potentially talking not just about email, but documents, fax and text messages*, voicemail** and all associated attachments here too.

So, an on-premise archive of all company communications and business critical documents is the ultimate worst case scenario backup when you lose connection with the outside world – dare I say it – your silver lining during a cloud-burst.  For some, the thought that a copy of what matters most to their business is still under their own roof, is the ultimate in peace of mind.

If business continuity is not enough to persuade someone to keep a foot in both the on-premise and cloud camps for archiving, then legal compliance and potential e-discovery requests are further reasons that a company might hesitate before leaving their businsess-critical data completely out in the wild.  Cloud-based archiving services often offer some level of e-discovery and compliance features, but not necessarily at the granular level that would make the retrieval of all the relevant data quick and easy when faced with an urgent legal issue.

Finally, and to my mind most important of all, is the potential gold mine that your on-premise archive can be.  When you think of the valuable data held in the archive – sales negotiations, legal documents, confidential conversations, customer opinions – all this information has the potential to help managers identify business issues and drive business strategy.  So long as you have an archiving solution with the reporting tools that allow you to tap into it, that is.

The answer?  GFI MailArchiver, of course.  Then you really can have your cake and eat it.  In fact, somebody put the kettle on…

*If used in conjunction with a fax service like GFI FaxMaker®

**If you are set up to receive voicemails as email attachments

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