We’ve launched a new version of our multiple antivirus email security software, GFI MailSecurity 2011. With this new version detection of malware is boosted through link scanning and Sandbox technology; while for customers using the optional AVG engine, the detection through Link Scanner, of emails that link to malware. Other updates include a new dashboard that increases product manageability and control of the email scanning system and smaller AV updates.

Other new features in GFI MailSecurity 2011

  • New Dashboard: The dashboard gives access to various counters and important logs, giving the administrator total control of the email scanning system
  • HTML Sanitizer exclusion list: Some legitimate emails, which are automatically generated, risk having their HTML tags and HTML forms disabled by the HTML Sanitizer. The exclusion list allows emails from approved senders to bypass the scanning performed by the HTML Sanitizer.
  • Full scans of internal emails: Emails sent internally can now be scanned by all the filters included in GFI MailSecurity.
  • Attachment checking: Greater usability and refinements to block attachments if they exceed a specific size or remote suspicious attachments yet sending the rest of the message to the user.
  • Reduced size of AV updates: Smaller AV updates take less time to download, use less bandwidth and take less time to install.

GFI MailSecurity uses multiple antivirus engines to scan inbound email to drastically reduce the average time required to obtain the latest virus signatures, enabling a faster response to combat the latest threats. The level of security afforded by GFI MailSecurity is further boosted through other integrated technologies such as an exploit detection engine, spyware detection, HTML sanitization and attachment checking.

The latest version addresses two key attack vectors: the most recent malware for which definitions have not been released and links in emails that point to malware. To prevent new malware types from becoming a major problem for administrators, GFI MailSecurity 2011 uses Norman AV’s Sandbox technology. This takes suspect malware and runs it in a ‘sandbox’ where the software analyzes the code’s activity in a safe environment. This identifies, stops and isolates new and previously unknown malicious code before it can damage computer networks or compromise data. GFI MailSecurity, when running the optional AVG antivirus engine, can now also detect links pointing to malware using the well-known link scanning technology developed by AVG.

“Thousands of new malware types are developed every day and it is a constant battle to protect email systems and networks from malicious code wreaking havoc. GFI MailSecurity 2011 builds on its multiple antivirus approach to email security by boosting malware detection at two levels: the identification of new malware types for which AV definition files have not yet been released and links in emails pointing to malware,” said Walter Scott, CEO, GFI Software.

“The new features in GFI MailSecurity 2011, including smaller AV updates to reduce bandwidth utilization and installation time as well as a new dashboard, will provide business with a robust solution to help them counter the ever-growing number and variety of email-based threats,” Mr. Scott added.

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