We were very impressed by all your inspirational entries which had Max in various countries around the world and in several interesting situations. There were some fantastic entries and after much deliberation we managed to select one winner!

The fantastic SONY VAIO netbook goes to:  WALT ARNETT with his winning picture of Max in a roller derby. We especially loved the detail that was added to Max to protect him from the roller derby ladies!

So CONGRATULATIONS, Walt, we’ll be in touch with you shortly to give you further details about the prize.

Meanwhile the following people have all won themselves a GFI MAX T-shirt:

Sheraz Aleem
Janet Carpenter
Narayan Kohl
Eivind Skjelstad
Hans Yadav
Barbara Lopatin
Joseph Baldacchino
Maggie Hodges
Loni Brock
Annette Doggett
Devin Patel
Jakob Rudat
Laura Klawitter
Bradley J. Dinerman
Tonya Froemel
Christiaan Beek
Maria Baciu
Venkatesh Shanbhag
Kelcie Carlson
Richard Gailey
Walt Arnett
Owen Cutajar
Amy Babinchak
Wilson Nantes
Eric Vogel
Stephen Kawamoto
Konstantinos Tsimouris
Manuel Neubecker
  1. Sheraz Aleem
  2. Janet Carpenter
  3. Narayan Kohl
  4. Eivind Skjelstad
  5. Hans Yadav
  6. Barbara Lopatin
  7. Joseph Baldacchino
  8. Maggie Hodges
  9. Loni Brock
  10. Annette Doggett
  11. Devin Patel
  12. Jakob Rudat
  13. Laura Klawitter
  14. Bradley J. Dinerman
  15. Tonya Froemel
  16. Christiaan Beek
  17. Maria Baciu
  18. Venkatesh Shanbhag
  19. Kelcie Carlson
  20. Richard Gailey
  21. Walt Arnett
  22. Owen Cutajar
  23. Amy Babinchak
  24. Wilson Nantes
  25. Eric Vogel
  26. Stephen Kawamoto
  27. Konstantinos Tsimouris
  28. Manuel Neubecker

Congratulations to everyone who participated and keep a look out for more great GFI competitions! Follow us on Twitter @GFISoftware.

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