MAX has visited Greece, Sicily, Malta, London, and even the Moon during the month of September. All those people who sent in their MAX photos are in for the chance of winning a fantastic SONY VAIO netbook! The first hundred entries have also garnered themselves a cool GFI MAX T-shirt.

But, there is still one day left for you to send in your submissions and enter the competition. (Closes on 30.09.2009)

  1. The rules are simple:Take photos of MAX at your favourite place/landmark, or in some interesting location using this linked image of MAX which you can print out. You can also:
    – draw/paint/illustrate MAX
    – use MAX in graphic design
  2. Email your photo to us on or upload the photo to a site. You can also add your photo link on Twitter tagging it with #gfi and addressing it to @GFISoftware.
  3. Comment on this blog post with a valid email address with the URL of where the picture is uploaded (if applicable).

    Internal judging will take place after Wednesday 30th September to choose the winner of the fantastic SONY VAIO netbook available in either brown, pink or white. There may also be some cool GFI MAX T-shirts still available!

    There is no limit as to how many entries you can submit. As always you can be as creative as you like but please stick to the basic rules of decency and morality. Any offensive images will not be uploaded or considered.

    Take a look at the MAX Around the World Gallery to see other entries

    * We must be able to save the image from the site where you upload the photo because we will need to upload it to our gallery. By entering the competition, you give us the rights to use your images on our website.
    ** Colour choice subject to availability.

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