We have now invested in a new acquisition – Monitis, the pioneer of cloud-based network and systems monitoring solutions. This acquisition further strengthens GFI’s ability to provide affordable end-to-end systems monitoring for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and to be a one-stop shop for managing heterogeneous IT infrastructures, be they on-premise, hosted or in the cloud.


Monitis specializes in cloud-based software and infrastructure monitoring. Its solutions provide time-pressed IT administrators and IT support companies with a complete infrastructure view. With Monitis, users can monitor, test and manage the performance of on-premise and off-premise infrastructure and applications.


More than 80,000 users worldwide rely on Monitis. More than 200,000 websites and cloud-based applications are monitored and maintained by Monitis services, with more than 40 million checks and records created each day.


Following the acquisition, the business will continue operations under the Monitis brand and the solutions will continue to be available as free and paid services to customers worldwide. The senior leadership and management team that built Monitis will remain in place to continue driving new innovations in the company’s services.


The Monitis technology also will be integrated into the GFI MAX RemoteManagement™ platform for managed services providers (MSPs). This will enable MSPs and IT support companies to expand their managed services capabilities beyond traditional on-premise infrastructure to remotely monitor and manage their customers’ cloud-based solutions as well.


To learn more, visit www.gfi.com, portal.monitis.com or mon.itor.us, or send email to gfimax@gfi.com.

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