Welcome to the brand new GFI Software Blog, Talk Tech To Me, which we are launching today.

Throughout 2009, we have been focusing heavily on further enhancing our communications with our customers, partners and the community in which we operate – and this is another exciting step in that process, with the goal of becoming a valuable resource for IT professionals and network administrators everywhere.

Earlier this year, we launched wecare@gfi.com, an email account that is directly routed to GFI Executive Management, whereby each email received is tackled with the appropriate urgency. GFI understands that 91% of customers who leave will never return.; 96% of customers who leave will not tell you the reason why they left;  80% of customers who have issues will do business with you again if their problem is handled quickly and to their satisfaction.  When the incident is really bad and they leave, the stories about what happened will live on for years.

It is virtually impossible for a software company to develop a complex bug-free software product.  So customers will have problems and when that happens, it is our top priority to solve them.  To help address this, we’ve significantly expanded our Tech Support team to ensure faster response times and more efficient assistance to our customers.

We’ve revived our featurerequests@gfi.com inbox, through which you can submit product ideas. We will be launching an application to allow customers and partners to help us set development priorities.  We’ve been building on our partner relations through an enriched partner area, more webinars and more dialogue.

Simultaneously, we want to focus on ‘informal channels’ to make the team at GFI as accessible as possible – for example, through our presence on Facebook and Twitter. This is why we are inaugurating this blogging area today: We want this to be a place to connect, where the relationship between us, the IT community and our customers and partners can be further cultivated.

It will be a center point for GFI announcements, news and updates on the latest developments, as well as another means through which you can send us your thoughts, comments and ideas. Our GFI Fixes It zone will cover key updates from our Customer Support team.

Talk Tech To Me will not simply be GFI-focused, however: our goal extends well beyond that! Our Tech Zone is aimed to be a source of technical information for IT professionals and network administrators the world over: another way in which our WE CARE initiative is rendered tangible as we offer a helping hand on technical and security trends, issues, tips and news.

We want our SMB Zone be the place that small and medium-sized businesses go to for topical articles, current tech issues and white papers related specifically to SMBs – and to link up with their counterparts.

Among others, the brains from the GFI Product Engineering, Product Management and Support departments will all contribute towards this blog, guaranteeing that our posts will have genuine value and application in a system administrator’s daily life.

We welcome you to this new GFI space and look forward to receiving your comments!

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