We are delighted and proud to have received five awards in the Best Channel Products Awards organized by Business Solutions Magazine.

GFI rated exceptionally well in the Network Security category and very high in terms of ease of upgrade and VARs’ ability to service the product.

The winning products are: GFI MailEssentials, GFI MailArchiver, GFI EndPointSecurityGFI WebMonitor and GFI MAX , the latest offering from GFI specifically for VARs, MSPs and IT support companies.

Over 2,000 VAR subscribers to Business Solutions Magazines were asked to rate vendors’ products according to the richness of features; product reliability/durability; ease of integration, ease of upgrade and VARs’ ability to service the product. The results show that the Channel ranks GFI’s products as exceptional and a favorite among resellers in the US.

“GFI certainly earned its spot on the Business Solutions Magazine Best Channel Products list,” said Sue Bresee, publisher of Business Solutions magazine. “GFI rated exceptionally well overall in the Network Security Suite category, but particularly high in Ease of Upgrade and VAR’s Ability to Service. Our survey results clearly show that GFI has many satisfied resellers.”

Commenting on the results, CEO Walter Scott said:

“This is a fantastic result for GFI and clearly shows that our products are among the best out there for small and medium-sized business. I am particularly pleased that we have rated high in terms of their ease-of-use and the Channel’s ability to service our products. Our efforts to make life easier for our customers, while providing them with exceptional quality products at a very competitive price, are paying off.”

“That GFI MAX, formerly HoundDog, has also been acknowledged as a leading product by the Channel shows that we have made a wise move and this encourages us to continue pushing hard to give the Channel the solutions that they and their customers need. Hats off to all those who have contributed to this success and sincere thanks to the Channel for its support, confidence in GFI and encouragement,” he added.

Clearly this shows that GFI products are first-class as proven by a first-class clientele.

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