Running a business can get expensive. Businesses need to be on a constant lookout for threats such as WannaCry and other ransomware which continue making the news, and being one step ahead of hackers can be costly. Not only that, but you also want to implement a BYOD policy so your employees can use their mobile devices for work and you possibly need assistance with compliance because you have to follow HIPAA or GDPR reporting requirements.

Unfortunately, there is not one solution that will solve all of your network security and communication problems. However, GFI Software has come up with something that will aid you in streamlining your business and keeping your network safe.

GFI Unlimited is a revolutionary subscription that gives you access to a full library of business proven, full-featured solutions with technical support.

Here are some reasons why you will benefit from having a software library at your fingertips:

One subscription unlocks the entire catalog of software

With GFI Unlimited, one subscription unlocks an entire catalog of a growing library of network security and communication solutions. There are no gimmicks. If you are a new or existing customer, you can take advantage of GFI Unlimited at no extra cost*. You are not required to make the switch but why wouldn’t you?

Save money on the software you need

You know your business needs more than one solution. The costs can pile up after you sign a contract for antivirus, a VoIP system, and a network security firewall. You might end up having anxiety for all that you have to spend to keep your business safe.

You don’t have to spend thousands, GFI Software has spent millions on software, so you don’t have to. One flat price per unit for unlimited software options in the GFI Unlimited library means that the more you use, the more you save.

Less hassle dealing with software, and more time to focus on your business

Small and medium-sized business owners and decision makers can spend hours trying to find the right solution for their company. Sometimes, you will buy software from two different companies that don’t work well together, and you’re spending time on the phone troubleshooting how you can make them function so your business can run.

GFI Unlimited simplifies the decision making for you. All of the products work well together and offer different features that fit your organization’s needs. Start spending time on your business instead of in your business. GFI Software provides simplified licensing, an unlimited and continually expanding array of products, and the same great partners you trust take the hassle out of business software.

GFI Software wants to make it easy to run your business and give you peace of mind. Let us aid you in keeping your business safe from malicious attacks, provide better communication, aid in compliance, and provide you with visibility on your employees’ activities. All of this is possible by unlocking the GFI Unlimited library and access it all.

For more information about GFI Unlimited, reach out to one a GFI Partner today!

GFI Unlimited Infographic

*T&Cs apply. Contact your local GFI Partner to find out more.

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