The GFI Malta Charity Fund Committee spent a day volunteering at Dar il-Kaptan in a Hands-On Day charity event that was organized by the Rotary organisation.

Dar il-Kaptan is a respite home for the disabled that Rotary Club Malta has been instrumental in setting up and supporting throughout the years. Dar il-Kaptan, which is located at Mtarfa, allows families of disabled children who need a break, need to travel, go to hospital etc to leave their children for short periods in the care of professionals.

Several GFI employees accompanied by friends donned their overalls and rolled up their sleeves as they helped with gardening, painting and general maintenance of the place.

The event was a great help to Dar il-Kaptan whose resources are very limited and are stretched to provide even the basic services to their clients.

We are very proud to be able to offer a helping hand – and our strength, dynamism and energy – to the community!

Helping with the painting

Green fingers

GFI Volunteer Group

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