GFI WebMonitor 2009™ is now available as a stand-alone proxy.

The perfect internet monitoring solution for the SMB market, this new version of GFI WebMonitor will work in most networking environments and allows administrators to manage and control employee access to the Internet as well as provide a high level of security against web-borne threats.

GFI WebMonitor 2009™ offers IM control, virus scanning, the ability to block applications’ hidden downloads, hidden downloads monitoring, bandwidth monitoring and more.

GFI WebMonitor 2009™ is also available as a dedicated plug-in for Microsoft ISA Server.

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Check out the GFI WebMonitor 2009™ QuickVid.

The launch of GFI WebMonitor 2009™ was held in the GFI offices worldwide with Bob patrolling the area as he cordoned off the offices:

APAC Offices:

Malta Offices:

UK Offices:

Dundee Offices:

US Offices:

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