GFI WebMonitor 2012, one of the industry’s leading web security solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), has been released today. Last fall, the company introduced several innovations to enable SMBs to better defend their networks, including a website safeness rating, stronger blocking of malicious URLs and more robust protection against zero-hour threats. Today, GFI Software announced GFI WebMonitor 2012, with additional enhancements that make it even easier for SMBs to protect networks from malicious threats.

The latest edition of GFI WebMonitor boasts an array of new features—including a new user interface, “smart” dashboards, built-in reporting engine and real-time alerts—that make all the data collected by the solution more accessible to stakeholders outside the IT department.

Smart Dashboards Provide Targeted Insight
Using GFI WebMonitor’s smart dashboards, SMBs get a complete view of all web browsing activity happening within their organization and can filter resulting information by categories, websites and users. Using these drill-down capabilities, different business audiences can obtain tailored information vital to their business function without being inundated with data they don’t need. New dashboards include:

activity dashboard users

Activity Dashboard – Provides information on employees’ browsing habits and surf time, including which employees breached corporate Internet policies, which websites are causing the highest productivity loss and which users may be browsing malicious websites.

Bandwidth Dashboard – Equips IT administrators with current download and upload volumes as well as projected bandwidth costs and usage based on recent activity. Users can also identify which employees are consuming the most bandwidth and why, determine which websites are the most bandwidth-intensive and monitor bandwidth spikes and trends.

Real-Time Traffic Dashboard – Monitors real-time connections and provides comprehensive visual representation of current user activity and bandwidth consumption.

GFI WebMonitor 2012 also includes a broad array of capabilities that enable SMBs to provide employee Internet access without sacrificing network protection or employee productivity.

Have a look at what GFI WebMonitor can do to improve your network web security system, or just download a free trial and give it a spin!

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