Digitalization has become a focal point of government strategy. Whether mobility, cloud, big data or the Internet of Things, we see more local and state governments leveraging the power of emerging technologies to deliver public services and efficiently and effectively complete mission-critical tasks.

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While the hope is to forge new levels of engagement, productivity and satisfaction among citizens and government employees, what stands in the way is Quality of Experience (QX). Having access to critical government tools and resources is all well and good until that service fails. When Quality of Service issues arise you run the risk of lower user satisfaction and adoption, which can bring your agency to a halt. In order to achieve mission success and maintain citizen and employee trust you must be able to deliver information and services, anytime, anywhere and on any platform.

So what’s the secret to delivering quality of experience?

Check out GovLoop’s “Understanding State and Local Government” guide to read how Government IT can overcome network and application barriers to deliver the best possible quality of experience.

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