blog-GFI-support-news_SQRecently we sat down with Michael Gleason and Dennis van Wagtendonk, GFI Support managers, and had a chat on the many changes that have been underway within GFI Support, focused on increasing the satisfaction of our customers.

We know our customers choose GFI Software products to make their life easier, and to automate their security and communication needs, so they can focus on improving their businesses. Support plays a huge role at the very foundation of customer loyalty, and starting January 2016 we have been on a path to improve the level of satisfaction within our customers. The support department has undergone several improvements, both externally as well as behind the scenes, designed to increase support quality and availability, decrease response time, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.

Here are a few of these changes which everyone should begin to benefit from immediately:

Chat is Back – Chat support took a brief break, but we are happy to announce that it’s back, even if limited to EST office hours (9AM-5PM EST; 1PM-9PM UTC) for the time being. Plans are on the way to launch globally available chat support service in Q4 2016.

Localized Support – We have analyzed the support traffic we receive, as well as the regions and languages from which we received support requests, so we have now launched support also in Spanish, Italian, French, and German to serve the customers in areas in which these languages are spoken.

Experts Specialization – GFI Support teams have now been re-focused to support specific product families – GFI Communications and GFI Security, so customers can now know they are talking to professionals in the communications or security space once they reach our support team.

The new look of the GFI Support portal

The new look of the GFI Support portal’s start page

Data-driven improvements


Michael Gleason

“We dove into the numbers, lots of numbers, and did a deep customer traffic analysis, enabling us to re-work our coverage and ensure that we have optimized the support team for heaviest volumes, also investing in team growth where it was found needed,” explain Michael and Dennis. This also includes new phone systems for deeper understanding of how and when customers are frustrated with hold times, so they can be minimized and adjusted.

The workflow and path of each ticket was also streamlined, so our customers can reach the correct support level and an expert capable of solving their issues. While this is mainly an internal change, its effect will be profound in the way our customers experience our support.

GFI Support is also working directly with our technical writing experts to help curate knowledge articles, and populate them into our systems, as well as technical manuals. This will have huge benefits for customers that are making use of our self-service support options.


The new GFI UpgradeCenter, for easier downloads of the latest product versions

New support systems to look for


Dennis Van Wagtendonk

With all the changes listed above, there was a need also to create new and easy to use systems for our customers to connect and work with us. These systems include:

  • – with a whole new look and centralized resources for a 1-stop shop to get support for any of our products;
  • upgrades.gfi.coma brand new portal that walks customers through the upgrade process tailored to their currently installed product version;
  • New Customer Support Portal – existing customers now can access a self-service support portal where they can view their open and closed tickets, reply to cases with more information and open new tickets, and there are plans to grow this portal in the nearest future.

“We are very excited with the changes done and for our customers to start experiencing the new updates to support. We strongly believe that it is our goal to make customers happy, so they can focus on what matters to them,” conclude Michael Gleason and Dennis van Wagtendonk, GFI Support managers.

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