Email-complianceEnvironment Canterbury is a regional council of the New Zealand government, and it is responsible for protecting the quality of air, land and water in Canterbury – the country’s second-most populated region. The council of 570 employees is also responsible for protecting any communication – including email – that deals with the region’s natural and physical resources.

Meeting compliance isn’t optional. It’s mandatory.

Due to New Zealand’s Public Records Act 2005, it is essential that the council use an email archiving solution to ensure the integrity of communications, both current and historical, remains intact and tamper-free. The council also needs quick and easy retrieval capability of records during legal proceedings.

“We need an email archival system which is independent of the mail server and captures all emails,” Environment Canterbury Team Leader ITC Operations Alan Warne said.

“We were forced to act (and implement these solutions) when the old physical server could not handle any more disk drives, and the cost to shuffle files around and put in bigger drives became too high,” he added.

Network fax server software also plays a role in the council’s ability to comply with government regulations. The software has email-to-fax and fax-to-email functionality, and partners well with the right archiving solution.

Which solutions helped Environment Canterbury achieve its objective of meeting compliance? Read the full story.

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