The intellectual property of any company is the mainstay of their income stream. Whether that is code, content or process, these are the reasons that customers purchase their products, expertise or services. The one area where this protection of data has been very relaxed is in the entertainment industry.

For many years, music has been freely copied and distributed. While this is a little more controlled today than it has been with Digital Rights Management in place, it is still far from being secure. It is the same case for films and television.

In the widely publicized Dallas Buyers Club case, artists and film production companies have opted to take a firm stand on this and protect their intellectual property. In the highly publicized cases, individuals and corporations who have been found to be in violation of the copyright laws are now in the process of being fined.

Last week, the following article was published “Village Roadshow threat to sue pirates and block downloading websites.” While what people do on their own home networks is clearly under their ownership, the ability for corporations to enforce Acceptable Usage Policies has been quite limited. A NETBIOS name and an IP address do not make for an easy case to assign liability to the individual(s) who have brought illegal content into the environment. Without the ability to assign responsibility to the individual, it is the network owner (typically the CIO) who is liable for any financial penalty or litigation. For example, back in 2009 a single mother was ordered to pay $2.4 million for pirating music.

Had the above situation taken place on the corporate network, the results could have been that the company was liable for the fine.

Protect Your Company with Exinda

Exinda’s approach of marrying up user names to their network traffic, the ability to immediately and definitively identify the individual perpetrators effectively de-risks the companies liability (subject to an appropriate Acceptable Usage Policy Document that is signed or digitally accepted by the users) by being able to pass the fine(s) directly to the users in question.

Exinda’s Network Orchestration is not only about containing and controlling traffic, it is also about accountability and providing a comprehensive toolset for companies to be able to fully manage their network environment.

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