Now that Santa is fully available 24×7 thanks to sites like North Pole Times and Elf HQ, it got me thinking about Santa’s distribution partners here in the Northeast, and how they manage their online email services. One of our customers is the 3rd largest toymaker in the world with annual revenue of approximately 4.5B. We have deployed several Exindas in their environment that perform a few key functions for the business, like ensuring predictable and reliable worldwide Office 365 performance. They use Exinda for application visibility, QoS capabilities, as well as network and diagnostic troubleshooting help.

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Here’s a rundown of which Exinda features can help you fully optimize your Office 365 deployment.

Exinda’s DPI engine is able to automatically classify Office 365 traffic flows with a built in layer 7 based signature.

Santa 1

Because you can see it, that means you can report, measure, control, and optimize Office 365, which is important this time of year with those last minute inventory lists, part requisitions, and English to Elf Assembly Manuals being sent and received to and from the North Pole, that are on the most sacred of all deadlines.

Exinda also provides key metrics on how well Office 365 is performing from a WAN utilization and application performance perspective.

Office 365 Performance problem

Purpose Built Reporting for Office 365 allows you to quickly view several key aspects of your deployment.

Utilization and Top User Details: Keep track of application usage, top internal and external hosts and users in a single viewOptimize Office 365 Performance Issues

Application Performance Score: Understand how Office 365 is performing from a user perspective.

Application Performance Score - Office 365

Key Performance Metrics: Drill down into network, server delays, jitter, loss and latency details. Understanding these metrics can help your network team quickly identify and resolve issues with poor and unpredictable application performance, before the phone rings with a user complaint.

Office 365 performance metrics

Troubleshooting Capabilities: Track delay statistics in real time to better understand periods of poor performance and where the underlying root causes may lie.

Troubleshooting Office 354 performance

Prioritization: Use the Exinda Optimizer to prioritize Office 365 and ensure there are enough network resources for optimal performance.

Optimize Office 365 performance

Policy Management: Feedback into utilization and policy enforcement is a step often overlooked, however with Exinda you’ll receive important feedback that will help ensure that you’ve applied resources in a strategic and useful manner, and that QoS elements are provisioned properly.

In this blog we’ve covered some very basic ways our customers leverage Exinda to ensure a predictable and reliable Office 365 experience, if you would like more in-depth look, book a 1:1 demo with one of our Exinda Solution Experts.

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And from everyone here at Exinda, we wish you and yours the Happiest of Holidays, and Great Health and Happiness for the upcoming Year!


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