We are insanely proud of the Product Studios team. They are the ones in the background who take care of a number of systems used by our customers and partners: everything from technical communications, to design and other creative services, and user experience. With the recent launch of GFI OneGuard and GFI OneConnect they have been insanely busy but that doesn’t mean they let the quality slip and in fact the team was generously rewarded.

This year, the team has been awarded a total of four awards in the regional and international categories at the STC, the Society of Technical Communications. The STC is an international entity that evaluates professional technical communications. As a professional association dedicated to the advancement of technical communication, the association focuses on the theory and practice of technical communication across all user abilities and media so that both businesses and customers benefit from safe, appropriate, and effective use of products, information, and services.

The awards consist of:

  • Distinguished Technical Communication for the User Support: Help category (Regional) competing with the GFI Help System
  • Best of Show award for the User Support: Help category (Regional) competing with the GFI Help System
  • Award of Excellence in the Instructional Materials: Other Training Materials category (Regional) where GFI competed with the GFI Training Portal.

Best of show entries automatically participate in the STC international competition where entries around the globe compete for an award. The GFI Help System here managed to also win the Excellence Award in the User Support: Help category.

To win these prestigious awards GFI had to face tough competition from the likes of the SAS Institute, Eaton Corporation, RTI International and Allegis Group.

Better quality and user experience in support content, messaging and training complements and contributes to the overall product experience. Here at GFI Software we strive to make our products as intuitive as possible even when the product function is a complicated one. The same ethos guides us when creating instructional material which is easy to use, reliable and  functional.

GFI Software will continue focusing on making things easier for the customer with the help of award winning self-help articles, training and reference pages. Kudos to our Product Studios team who made this possible.

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