GFI Software is continually striving to provide the best customer service support possible. Every day is a learning experience. Our customer support team analyzes daily wins and challenges to improve processes.

This past week, we sat down with Dennis van Wagtendonk, GFI Software Customer Support Manager to discuss how his team utilizes NPS or Net Promoter Score to measure their performance daily.  Support plays a huge role in the very foundation of customer loyalty and wants to ensure they are meeting their daily customer satisfaction goals.

We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to find out how the customer support team is continually improving. Here is what we learned from Dennis himself.

What does a usual day for a customer support manager look like today?

As a customer support manager, my biggest priority is to make sure that we are providing the best customer support every day. One of my daily tasks is to monitor and analyze a various set of metrics that show exactly that.

Moreover, I am spending a lot of time on one-on-one coaching sessions with my support engineers where we reflect together on past customer cases. This dialogue helps us learn and improve our communication with our customers.

We have an ongoing product training and knowledge program to improve resolution time in every case.

How do you measure the success of your teams?

Success for every support team means happy customers.

We have a big focus on the quality of support we are providing. To measure this, we are looking at how fast we can resolve an issue or the length of the wait time on every phone call answered.

What is the most important metric for customer success?

The most important metric for us is the direct feedback from every customer. Therefore, we have designed a 2 question satisfaction survey that is sent out as an email to our customers after a support case is closed.

We kept the survey as short as possible on purpose because we know that our customer`s time is very valuable and we want to make the feedback submission as easy as possible. After the two questions, there is a free text field where customers can provide more detailed feedback. We read every customer’s comments and drive immediate actions to resolve any issues.

Is there a way for customers to help you improve your processes?

The feedback that customers provide to us through the satisfaction survey is regularly used to re-evaluate and improve our existing processes. Their feedback helps us improve our support service and organization as a whole.

GFI Software’s CEO, Scott Brighton, is a huge advocate for providing world-class customer support. Dennis reiterated that we go to great lengths to ensure our processes keep improving. Our commitment to you is to have an incredible global support team, with multi-language members who are capable of handling every query that comes through. If you need assistance with a GFI Software product, including Exinda and Kerio products, please do contact our support team. They are waiting to help you.

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