We are pleased to announce the release of our new version of code (ExOS 7.4) today. This new release incorporates several exciting features that will help network administrators in creating policies for services delivered by a variety of servers deployed across their organization.

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Servers are usually referred to by URL’s or Fully Qualified Domain Names, leaving IP address resolution to the DNS infrastructure. Up until now, configuring a server for control, optimization and/or reporting required administrators to manually enter each server’s IP address. The problem with this approach is that if the address is modified, the network administrator needs to manually modify the IP address and associated policies in the Exinda appliance as well.

With the addition of a new feature called “FQDN-based Network Objects” this issue has been solved. The network administrator can now define a server using its fully-qualified-domain-name, allowing each Exinda appliance to automatically discover the IP addresses associated with each domain name and avoiding manual re-configuration whenever the underlying address of a server is modified.

ExOS 7.4 includes important enhancements in the QoS engine, correctly applying Inbound QoS even when the file transferred is cached by any of our acceleration engines such EdgeCache, SMB Object Cache or WAN Memory Acceleration.

There have also been numerous fixes in ExOS 7.4, including a new Deep Packet Inspection application classification engine that improves Layer 7 application identification for reporting and policy creation. We can now highlight new and updated VoIP, real-time and conferencing applications, BitTorrent detection has also been enhanced and the new Google protocol QUIC (this is a new udp-based protocol for web content delivery) is included as part of the new portfolio of application definitions.

This highly tested and stable product release is now generally available and we hope Exinda keeps meeting your expectations. We are working towards creating a series of exciting new features and projects for in the near future and your feedback is really important to us. Please feel free to contact us via support@exinda.com