sys admin heroIt’s an extremely tough job being an IT or security administrator today; and speaking as someone who works in the tech industry, I for one take my hat off to you! As an IT or security administrator, you are at the heart of the business; the experts who everyone trusts will make sure that their data, computers, servers and mobile devices are secure, protected and continuously available. You are the unsung heroes that keep the business lights on, and ensure that I have the tools I need to work!

Unfortunately, as technology marches on, the BYOD revolution expands, and bandwidth speeds increase, the job of the IT and security administrator gets harder every day.

For those who work for large enterprises, perhaps you have additional resource and funding to help you achieve your daily goals. But I sympathise most with those who work for small to medium-sized businesses where budget and resources are limited. Naturally, you’re worried about security, and you’re aware that hackers can easily exploit the weaknesses in software and applications, and these weaknesses could be eradicated by applying the most recent patches.  But there is only one you… and without additional resources you may struggle to complete the repetitive cycle of identifying which devices are on your network, what applications they are running, what patches are available from vendors and then rolling those patches out to every machine. Afterwards, you also have to check that everything has been done correctly, that the patches work, and that the vulnerabilities have been removed. And then, to keep your network protected, you have to do it all again – on a regular basis.

At the same time, your colleagues may be coming into the office with their personal computers and mobile devices, adding BYOD problems of new and unauthorised devices/ software connecting to your network. Also, because your business is becoming more successful, your manager keeps pushing you make sure the company meets a growing list of compliance regulations that affect the business.

It’s not only a challenge to keep the network secure and the business compliant, but you also have to do it in such way that you can keep your colleagues’ business applications running at all times.

Fortunately, there are solutions on the market that help IT and security administrators to manage the growing list of tasks they must complete, efficiently and effectively, to automate repetitive tasks, and to provide intuitive management dashboards that simplify the work to be done.

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