Lifestyles and work styles have changed.  I mean, when was the last time you wrote a letter by hand, or used a pay phone? Does anyone remember the days of typewriters, real carbon copies and rooms full of bulky filing cabinets to hold all that paper? Or am I just showing my age? Anyway, the point is, ways of working have changed and people live life on the go. Presentations are given in Starbucks; deals are signed in airport lounges; people expect to have access to everything they need to do business wherever they are.

And so email has become THE crucial tool when doing business. Often, email messages are the only record you have of important transactions. Losing or deleting an important email or attachment can be a nightmare. Being able to retrieve an email or file instantly, wherever you are, can be vital.

Thankfully the arrival of smart phones, tablets and other neat gadgets, and software makes this crazy, on-the-go lifestyle possible. And this has also been front of mind here at GFI Software™ when we were working on the latest release of GFI MailArchiver® 2012.

As it seems we can’t live without email anymore, we reckon the email archive is probably one single place you need to have access to at all times from your gadget of choice. So in GFI MailArchiver 2012 we have added the important connectivity protocol, IMAP, to allow new ways to access your archive store.

With IMAP you can access your email archive from your favorite email client, without the need to install any additional software on your end-user device. Archived email can be accessed just the same way as you access your normal email; your archived email timeline will look just like your day-to-day email timeline. Using the MailArchiver IMAP Server you can easily configure your iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablet to access archived emails. And for those users who just use a desktop, you can also configure Outlook or Thunderbird to use IMAP.

We’ve made setting up the email client to use the GFI MailArchiver IMAP Server pretty straightforward for users. We have included a help section with simple steps for configuring the popular clients to get emails downloaded on your device. This should be all users need to configure their own devices – so hopefully this will make the IT administrator’s life easier!

Here’s a little more detail…

With IMAP, email messages on the GFI MailArchiver server will be duplicated on your device. Each mail client will have a different configuration that is targeted for the device. For example, mobile devices won’t download the whole email but just parts of it such as the headers (to save bandwidth costs) and will download body or attachments only when requested. Other clients like the desktop clients can be configured to download entire emails.

And finally, aside from giving you access to your emails anytime and anywhere, the important thing about IMAP is that it is secure and can be transmitted encrypted over an SSL channel. When practically all there is to know about a company can be found in email somewhere, we have to ensure that all the GFI MailArchiver features that we offer can keep your corporate data safe. So IMAP encryption is vital if emails are going to be transmitted over a different network and outside of company infrastructure.
We’re rather proud of this new GFI MailArchiver 2012 release.

Have a look at what GFI MailArchiver can do for you, or just download a free 30-day trial and give it a spin!

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