J030-Content-Its-award-season-and-GFI-is-collecting_SQIn the past few days we received some awesome news about our products being recognized by independent testers and publications.

It all started with a mega thumbs up from the Virus Bulletin in their VBSpam comparative review. The report starts off with a word about how in the past six years, since the review has been issued, the spam landscape has changed significantly. Spam is nowadays being sent from hijacked servers rather than PCs and they continued by saying that the hijacked resources used by spammers today are webmail accounts which makes it even harder for a solution such as GFI MailEssentials to be sure an email is spam.

Yet, notwithstanding the ever-innovative threats, this is where GFI MailEssentials really shines! With a 0% rate of false positives the Virus Bulletin reported that GFI MailEssentials “was one of only two products that had no false positives in either the ham corpus or the newsletter corpus. Another VBSpam+ award for GFI’s Maltese developers – their sixth already – is thus very well deserved.”

GFI MailEssentials also received a spam catch rate of 99.82% missing only 233 spam emails out of 125,813 emails sent. These are extremely positive numbers and we are committed to continue delivering such great results. If you want to learn more about what GFI MailEssentials can do for your business click here.

Then, on April 21 it was GFI LanGuard’s turn take the spotlight when it was selected as the Editor’s Choice for Patch & Configuration Management Solutions in the 2015 Cyber Defense Awards. The awards celebrate innovative products and companies within the security industry.

“We are honored that Cyber Defense Magazine editors have recognized LanGuard as an industry-leading vulnerability tool.” Said Sergio Galindo, general manager of GFI Software. “With online security threats becoming more pervasive and sophisticated, businesses must be able to ensure customers that their data is secure,” he continued.

GFI LanGuard allows IT administrators to manage all their patching and network requirement needs through one interface. With GFI LanGuard an IT admin can audit, scan and remediate any issues that occur within their network, be it operating systems, third party applications and an increasing list of network devices. Research carried out by Gartner revealed that GFI LanGuard can reduce breaches by 90%.

These results make GFI LanGuard a great tool for IT admins wanting to consolidate their patching and vulnerability workload in one, powerful tool. As a subscription based tool, you know it will grow with your business.

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