J003-Content-Its-Thanks-An-Admin-Giving-Day_SqTomorrow, the United States celebrates Thanksgiving Day. There are many countries around the world that have similar (and similarly named) holidays around the same time but Thanksgiving Day in the US marks the official start of the Christmas season, and this makes it a pretty significant event for any business that does business in or has customers from the US.

Whether you are in the US yourself, or in one of the other countries that has a similar holiday, or perhaps Thanksgiving means nothing to you at all but you do know a sysadmin, take the time this week to say thanks to that special geek in your life. Without him or her, doing your job, whatever it is, would likely be a lot more difficult. Consider…

  1. While you were enjoying time at home with your family this past weekend, your sysadmin had to stay up all night patching servers.
  2. They also got two calls on Sunday to fix something that wasn’t working. One was a bad password, and the other was a typo!
  3. Can you check email on your mobile phone? Thank the Exchange syaadmin and the mobility SysAdmin for the hookup that enables you to stay in touch, even when you’re at the baseball game.
  4. Are you “working from home” this week? Thank the sysadmin who set up a VPN so you could telecommute.
  5. Does your business sell things at retail? Then you better believe multiple sysadmins are working this Thursday while you are enjoying time with your family, because “ ‘tis the season” and Black Friday starts early.
  6. If it doesn’t, odds are good that while you are shopping and watching football on Black Friday, your sysadmins are doing maintenance tasks on systems.
  7. When was the last time you crawled under your desk to connect something to your computer or back into the wall? Would you even be willing to try? Could you stand it under there for more than three seconds? And yet, your sysadmin is willing to risk their life (or at least, their sense of smell) to crawl through who-knows-what to reconnect that Ethernet cable you just pulled loose with your feet.
  8. Changed your password, forgot what to, and find yourself locked out? Made a quick call to your sysadmin to unlock your account instead of spending an hour on hold waiting for the helpdesk to pick up? Thank your sysadmin for not screening calls!
  9. Can you still stream cat videos and check in on Facebook, even though you know both are against policy? Thank the sysadmin for not blocking your Internet access.
  10. Double-clicked an attachment, visited a website, or did something else that caused your antivirus software to pop up and save your bacon? Thank your sysadmin for ensuring that your machine has a/v and that it’s up to date.

Being a sysadmin – it’s a dirty job, but somebody has got to do it, and your sysadmin deserves your thanks. You don’t need to buy them a cake or a pizza (though that would be really nice of you) but you should, the next time they stop what they are doing to help you out, at least give them a sincere thanks.

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