InternetImmunity_SQThe Internet is both a valuable resource and a dangerous place. That dichotomy makes it very much like a two-edged sword. It can be a fantastic tool, but if you are not very careful and very skilled, it can turn on you, cut you, even be used against you.

We recently published a whitepaper titled “Increase your Internet immunity! Understanding today’s top online threats and how to guard against them”. The whitepaper starts out with a review of the “cyber symptoms” of phishing and malware and includes an eye-opening breakdown, by country, of the major sources of both phishing messages and malware included in email. It’s surprising how many of the countries whose laws are most strict against spam, phishing, and malware also happen to be the countries that are the source of most of the problems.

That section also includes graphs and tables that not only tell the story, but will be very useful should you need to explain to management just how big the problem is. The information should serve as a wake-up call for any organization that thinks that they don’t have a problem with phishing and malware in email.

The whitepaper moves on to providing information on what organizations can do to protect their networks using a combination of user education, mail filtering, and web filtering. It’s a defense-in-depth approach that should maximize results, and again, there are great resources to help tell the story to management and gain their buy-in for implementing the necessary measures.

“Increase your Internet immunity!” is a short, sweet whitepaper and it’s worth spending some time to read it. You can download the white paper from here.


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