WebMonitor2015Beta_SQ-V2We’re excited to announce that the beta 1 build of a totally revamped GFI WebMonitor is now available for preview. GFI WebMonitor 2015 is a new, powerful version that really gives sysadmins the tools to manage internet monitoring in their organization.

Calin Ghibu, product manager for GFI WebMonitor, gives a rundown of the various features and a more detailed explanation on some areas.

In summary, GFI WebMonitor is a new feature-rich version including the following:

  • New main dashboard showing key metrics in real time
  • Control for applications using http(s)
  • Ability to control the access of applications to the internet by name or by category (i.e. Dropbox, or File Sharing Applications category)
  • Updated drill down dashboards with intuitive filtering
  • Unified policies: single point of management for the behavior of the product
  • New policy management UI:
    – Quick view of the main policy configuration items (what it does, for who, how many times triggered, etc.) for existing policies
    – Intuitive drag and drop configuration of policy items when creating or editing policies
  • Updated settings page – more intuitive and better organized
  • Update reporting page – better visibility into existing reports
  • Performance improvements in terms of proxy, UI, web filtering and reporting
  • Fresh new look and feel in terms of user experience.

Application control for applications using HTTP(S) protocols

Through its new Application Control technologies, GFI WebMonitor 2015 applies techniques based on signature pattern matching, conversational semantics, Deep Protocol Dissection, Heuristics Analysis, Flow Awareness and association engines as well as Statistical inspection over and above the BrightCloud web filtering engine used in version 2013 enabling laser focused detection and management of over 700 web applications available on the web today. Application control helps IT admins to configure the applications authorized to access the web in a very granular manner, enabling use cases that are only possible using this technology: Block Google Drive without blocking the Google website (and searches) and without blocking port 80 in the firewall (used by Google Drive as well as web browsers).

Performance upgrade

Addressing our top feature request, the WebMonitor 2015 engine has been completely re-written to take advantage of modern technologies enabling x64 compilation, better memory management, faster processing and scalability. Increased scalability and performance to cater with ease for 100%+ (*) more connections/ second. (* – Exact values depend on each particular environment).

Fresh, new look

The completely revamped user interface delivers significantly better visibility into what users and product are doing, allowing faster and easier product tasks execution and a significantly increased user experience. A new main dashboard showing real time data has been added and the existing drill down dashboards benefit from a new and more intuitive filtering interface.

Unified policy configuration and management

The new policy engine together with the associated UI allows configuration on web filtering and web security policies in the same logic, greatly reducing the amount of actions formerly required to build an effective configuration. The main parameters for configuring policies are clearly listed and logically grouped. At the same time, there is a new overview UI that enables IT admins to quickly see the effective settings around policies: who are the people affected and what the effect is.

Ready to give it a spin and see for yourself?

Please review release notes below for important information related to this release.

Release Notes on GFI WebMonitor BETA 1: http://gfiproducts.uservoice.com/knowledgebase/articles/401485

The BETA can be downloaded from:

x86 build: http://software.gfi.com/beta/gfiwebmonitor2015_net.exe

x64 build: http://software.gfi.com/beta/gfiwebmonitor2015_net_x64.exe

Please use the BETA licensing key below, otherwise the product will not apply policies:

The BETA licensing key: x9jxLRbv6dN9K-pBn1-ZWC8semjxipm9HY5-10001

We want to get your feedback!

Please submit your BETA feedback at:

1. GFI UserVoice: http://gfiproducts.uservoice.com/forums/257849-gfi-webmonitor-2015-beta

2. GFI Forums:http://forums.gfi.com/GFI-WebMonitor-2015-BETA-f159.aspx

3. From within the product using the “Feedback” button.

We look forward to receiving your feedback!

Note: This version has now been released. For more info click here.

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