Two Kerio products have recently been given great reviews by PC Pro magazine, one of the most trusted technology magazines in the United Kingdom.

PC Pro published a review on Kerio Operator,  (version 2.5.3), an enterprise-class VoIP based phone system offering voice communications capabilities to small and mid-sized businesses. It was hailed as a “versatile and easily virtualised software IP PBX that offers a ton of VoIP features for the price.” Given four out of five stars, the feature hails its ease of deployment on a wide range of both real and virtual hardware, its call-handling features and above all its price range saying it’s “very good value.”

PC Pro also reviewed a network security appliance from the Kerio Control NG Series range, which has recently expanded with the introduction of the Kerio Control NG100W and Kerio Control NG300W. The latter was the focus of the review, with its addition of dual-band 802.11ac wireless services and the capability to support up to eight SSIDs. PC Pro says that its “web filtering is a winner: Kerio offers over 150 URL categories to block or allow and we found very few websites escapes its nets” and concludes by saying that “the wireless-enabled NG300W appliance scores for both value and performance.”

The awards didn’t stop there. Recently Helena Marsikova, Partner Marketing Director at GFI Software has been recognized as one of CRN’s 2017 Women of the Channel. “This is a great honor for me and a major recognition of my efforts in building quality relationships with channel partners around the world” said Marsikova when asked about this achievement. Read more about this amazing accolade here.


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